Igorovo veľké dojatie / Igor´s big emotion

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Igor's big emotion of Igor Chaun is an obstacle race for one of the most talented czech modern film director. Todays self-reflection of his own tourtuousness is melting with reconstructed fragments of laboriously asleep memory. But sleeping demons can’t be laid to rest forever by calling oneself a “spiritual seeker” – in brain death they linger on directing but an instant spiritual séance. Film is an attept to discontinue sedatives and resurrect the director, who lavishly commited suicide issuing his Diary named A Death of the Director to construct his imperium incorporating ocultisims from all over the world.

documentary, 25´
Director: Jan Strejcovský
Scriptwriter: Jan Strejcovský
Director of Photography: Tomáš Daliman, Filip Marek
Editor: Michal Böhm
Sound: Radim Lapčík
Country: Czech Republic
Cast: Igor Chaun, Jan Strejcovský, Robert Adámek, Jakub Starý, Kamil Merabet, Pavla Sobotová

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